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Men appreciate massage treatments (more than socks) - Return To Glory
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Men appreciate massage treatments (more than socks)

the-future-of-men-bookWhat to buy the Modern Man for Christmas? Each year, I ask Hubbie this question, and am rewarded with the same perplexed look that Jeremy Clarkson had when meeting Trinny & Susannah for the first time. Determined not to fall into the relatively unsuccessful patterns of previous years (socks, ties and DIY tools), I decided to read The Future of Men (by Marian Salzman, Ira Matathia & Ann O’Reilly) for inspiration. It was like looking inside the cave and having a pussycat look back. I’m not sure Hubbie would be delighted with the “Fragrant Man” label attached to modern professional men, however he couldn’t dispute the colognes, cleanser, moisturiser and hair products taking up their fair share of space in our bathroom cabinet.

You’d think after running Return to Glory for seven years, I’d know men back to front. Particularly when our ratio of male to female clients is almost even. Apparently not! I know massage plays a functional role for men (e.g. sport injury or strain) but had no idea it was on the Bucket List of Modern Men. By the time I reached Chapter 4 in The Future of Men (Beyond Metrosexualmania), the penny dropped. Men want to be treated to de-stressing and grooming just as much as women.

men-groomingA recent poll by M&C Saatchi of professional men showed that 89% believe grooming is essential in the business world. A staggering 91% said they would love to have regular professional massage and nearly half (43%) said they would get facials or manicures if the day spas weren’t so feminine.

Isn’t it time we started giving men some de-stressing and grooming treats? In an environment where they feel completely at home and are able to retain their sense of masculinity.

On a slight segue, back in my innovation consulting days, we did some research for Gillette around gifting for men. It appears that men are often disappointed when it comes to gifts given to them (big ticket or extraordinary gifts excluded of course) and have subsequently developed low levels of expectations. How sad it that!! Conversely, women find it difficult to know what to buy for men, so fall back on functional items such as socks, ties, shaving & DIY products. That I’ve fallen into the same pattern of behaviour despite having insight on this very same topic, is indicative of just how ingrained this behavioural pattern is for women.

This year is going to be different. Let’s make our gorgeous men smile when they open our pressies under the Christmas tree and find gifts they really want. Not just things they would normally buy themselves. And for once, I’m going to take my own advice!

Natasha Dwyer, Founder
Return to Glory