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Perfect Your Posture With Pilates - Return To Glory
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Perfect Your Posture With Pilates

How is your posture? Do you slouch throughout the day or lean over in your desk when sitting down? If so, you are not alone. In fact, millions of people all over the world say that they have poor posture and many of them don’t know what to do about it. We can remind ourselves on a daily basis to stand up tall and straight or to sit properly, but when the day’s workload sets in, all of the stand up straight mantras go right out the window with your posture.

What you need is a proven method to help you improve your posture long term; a method that will develop strength and help create a longer, leaner, new you. What is this method that sounds too miraculous to be true? It’s Pilates and it has helped people from all walks of life build stronger bodies and correct posture issues at the same time.

Now, without going into too much detail about Pilates and the various workouts and positions, I am going to say that trying a Pilates class in your own home is easier than you think and the effectiveness of these exercises has been proven time and time again. What I am going to do is teach you one of the most important Pilates positons called the Neutral Spine position.

The Neutral Spine position is the natural position of the spine when all 3 curves of the spine — cervical (neck), thoracic (middle) and lumbar (lower) — are present and in good alignment. Finding the Neutral Spine position can dramatically improve your posture and get you ready for your first Pilates class.

Lying down on the floor with your feet a hip width apart, bend your knees slightly upward leaving a small gap between them. Be sure that your pelvis isn’t tilted up or under; just in a relaxed, neutral position.

In this position, you will feel your hip bones line up as you relax more. It will feel as though you are flat from hip bone to hip bone and through to the pubic bone. There should be a natural curve to your back, almost enough to pass an envelope underneath.

Now, slide your shoulder blades and make your neck as long as you can with your chin slightly tilted toward your chest. Now hold this position for around 5 minutes letting the tension in your neck, back and shoulders release as you breathe deeply. You will notice when you stand back up that your back feels loose and refreshed and your posture will be much easier to hold.

That’s the effectiveness of Pilates and that’s also how easy it is to practice. I am sure that you have heard many horror stories about Pilates being likened to a torture rack and that the exercises are nearly impossible, but I am here to attest that Pilates can be done by almost anyone and the effects are immediate. Let one of our trainers come to your home today for a private Pilates session that will get your posture, and your spine, on the right track. Give us a call now; you’ll feel better and stand up much straighter than ever before.