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Top Nail Care Tips from RTG | expert advise from RTG Therapist Angelique - Return To Glory
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Top Nail Care Tips from RTG | expert advise from RTG Therapist Angelique

Here’s Angelique’s top 3 tips into getting your nails ship shape this Spring…


I can’t tell you how many times I advise my clients that regular manicures are a must! I’ve noticed that the hands are probably one the most neglected parts of the body; compared to hair and skincare maintenance nail care comes very low on the list. Which is such a shame as regular manicures not only keep your nails in tip-top shape and looking healthy, but also give you that feel good feeling! How many times have you looked down at your hands, whilst riding the train to and from work and thought, “Wow I really should take off this 2 week old chipped polish and get a manicure” – more times that you dare to admit, right?

So my first tip is this: Nails need love and attention too, so book yourself in for a full manicure ASAP; trust me, you’ll thank me when you do!


OK, so this might seem an obvious one, but most people really do over look it; you HAVE to drink water if you want healthy, fresh looking nails. Your hands are a big indicator of how your body is feeling from the inside out and nails that are breaking & snapping or dull looking are a sign of dehydration.

So I’m afraid it comes back to that age old (and very wise) advice, that drinking 8 glassfuls of water a day, really does improve everything from your hair, skin to your nails.


This is a big must and again another one that I’m constantly reminding my clients to do; moisturise those hands and nails. My manicures wouldn’t be complete without a good quality hand cream and for me, the richer and creamier the better. Our hands really do get quite abused in our everyday life, from the outside cold weather elements, to constantly being dunked in and out of water when we wash our hands or clean those dishes – all of these things can leave your hands very dry and sore. So I always suggest carrying a good hand cream in your bag or leaving a little tub of it by the kitchen sink, so that way you don’t forget to moisturise after washing up.

Something else I always say is to please invest in a good cuticle oil. Contrary to popular belief hand cream does NOT moisturise the nails. Cream is simply too thick for the nails to really absorb so will only really leave the nail surface looking shiny but doesn’t actually reach deep down into the nail bed to do any good. Which is why cuticle oil works best – it’s thinner than cream, which makes it a better absorption agent for the nails. Every morning, put a couple of drops of oil on each finger and give it a good rub into your cuticles and nail, trust me if you make this a part of your daily routine, you really will notice a major difference in the overall appearance of your nails and it can also improve nail growth! What’s not to love right?!

For mote information on RTG Manicures and Pedicures, or any of our beauty or pamper services, get in touch today – customerservices@returntoglory.co.uk