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Wedding Hair & Makeup - Return To Glory
0845 337 4933 | Mon-Fri 9am-5pm | Sat-Sun online & app bookings only

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Bride Hair and Makeup

Wedding Hair Makeup

Wedding Trial Bride – Make-up only trial £55 (was £95), Hair only trial £55 (was £95) & Hair and make-up trial £75 (was £95)
Wedding Day Bride – Make-up only £150 (was £190), Hair only £150 (was £190) & Hair and make-up £175 (was £250)

Every bride wants her Hair and Makeup to compliment her dress and complete the whole look. Whether it’s an intricate up-do, a traditional look or extensions our professional Wedding hair, makeup and styling services from the RTG bridal stylists can help you stand out. And, for your makeup we will recreate the style that you’ve dreamed off (making sure it’s right for your complexion).

Wedding Day Bridesmaid with same specialist as the bride – Make-up only £55 (was £95), Hair only £55 (was £95) & Hair and make-up £95 (was £145)
Wedding Day Bridesmaid with additional specialist – Make-up only £75 (was £95), Hair only £75 (was £95), Hair and make-up £115 (was £145) & Child Hair (under 12 years old) £15

Take the stress out of Wedding Day planning by organising a Bridal Specialist to style your Bridesmaids Hair and Makeup on your big day. Our Hair and Makeup artists will complete a bespoke look that suits both your bridesmaid(s) and your overall wedding day theme. Choose both Hair and Makeup styling, or one or the other.

Wedding Day Mother of the Bride with same specialist as the bride – Make-up only £55 (was £95), Hair only £55 (was £95) & Hair and make-up £95 (was £145)
Wedding Day Mother of the Bride with additional specialist – Make-up only £75 (was £95), Hair only £75 (was £95) & Hair and make-up £115 (was £145)

Wedding styling for the Mother of the Bride is just as exciting, fun and glamorous as it is for the bride herself. Let our expert Hair and Makeup artists come to you and make sure that Mum feels a million dollars too. Our specialists will work with your chosen colours to make sure you achieve your desired look.