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Meditation as part of a daily routine is one of the best tools we have to combat stress, depression and insomnia. However the benefits can also be physical with decreased blood pressure, lowered cholesterol levels and improved immune functionality.

Through RTG Meditation Sessions we can help your body to find the inner calm to focus on being a balanced less stressed being. Our minds are constantly processing a barrage of sensations, visual impressions, emotions, and thoughts. When you meditate, you narrow your focus, limit the stimuli bombarding your nervous system — and calm your mind in the process. Does this sound appealing?


£59 Per 1 Hour
£84 Per 1.5 Hours
£109 Per 2 Hours

What To Expect

As your home Personal Trainer for cardio, pilates, yoga or meditation, we are here to set and work through a routine with you. Return to Glory works for busy people – we fit around your life and ensure you achieve the routine and goals you have in your mind. Discuss with us in advance what you want to achieve from your training and how often you want your sessions. We book private training sessions once a week, twice a month or every day – it’s entirely up to you.

You can alternate your personal trainers and the disciplines you wish to practice. The goal is to keep you on track and making progress. We bring everything with us to your home for your private personal training sessions; however for your own comfort it is always easier if you are having regular sessions to invest in your own pilates or yoga mat. Feel free to rebook at the end of each training session or save by booking a course of five or ten home training sessions in advance.

The Admin

  • Payment is taken in advance by credit/debit card or by quoting your RTG gift voucher or package code.
  • Please note 48 hours notice of cancellation or time change is required.
  • Please note that late evening/early morning massage treatments will incur an additional after hour fee of £15 (before 7am and after 9pm).
  • Appointments outside London’s M25 are charged at 40p per mile.
  • If at any time during your appointment you would like to extend your session please just ask your therapist.
  • At the end feel free to put your next session in the diary with your therapist and they will update us directly to book this in.
  • For insurance purposes we have to explain to all male clients that RTG is a professional service and must not to be confused with one of a sexual nature. We hope you understand the requirement to note this point.


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