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RELAX, Wonder Woman - Return To Glory
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RELAX, Wonder Woman

It’s not easy being a modern day Wonder Woman 365 days of the year, but we give it our best efforts nonetheless. Rumour has it that after 11 months of saving mankind and preserving childhood, even Wonder Woman was exhausted by December. Without her superhuman strength and speed, my tiredness levels feel positively Amazonian by then.

Tired or not, along comes Christmas. The build up is massive. An endless hunt for many, many, many “perfect” Christmas gifts, late night festivities with no (much needed) sleep-in the next day and festive food shopping for what seems like 4 weeks, but is actually just 1 day. If that’s not enough to send our blood pressure to the North Pole, we spend most of Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day cooking, cleaning and keeping the peace. Again, sleep-ins are about as likely as Santa arriving with a bottle of vintage reserve Moët Chandon and leaving it under our pillow.

Its only the 18th and I already need a really long lie down! Me and almost every other woman in the Western world.

relaxYet women rarely give themselves the gift of RELAXATION immediately after Christmas. Surely we deserve it? And need it! Forget spending our hard earned taxes on putting the Spice Girls on Black Cabs or the bailing out the car industry. There should be a national subsidy for every woman to have a 3 hour deep tissue RELAXING massage between Christmas and New Year. Maybe cocktails on a tropical island as well. That would pull me together enough to be Wonder Woman all over again, for another 365 days. While we wait for pigs to fly… Ladies… Let’s make this the Christmas that we go all Frankie Goes To Hollywood and RELAX!

Natasha Dwyer, Founder
Return to Glory