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Trends off the Catwalks for the Spring/Summer Season 2016 - Return To Glory
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Trends off the Catwalks for the Spring/Summer Season 2016

Getting ready to know the best look this coming season? For the highly anticipated spring/summer hair and beauty trends, there are a lot of surprises to expect. From eyelashes to lips, colour of the season and so much more, the list just keeps going. No-makeup makeup has taken the backseat for now with false lashes, glitter, colourful eyes and red lips dominating the season.

Yes, braid is back!

Hair ideas will be coming off the catwalk but this season, braided hair is making a comeback. This look emphasises strength in simplicity and confidence. By applying thickening spray and rough-drying hair with fingers, damped hair is prepped, tied low in a ponytail then braided. Hair can also be slick with a high ponytail and some hair extensions to complement strong brows and contour.

Faux Freckles

No less than the models are faking freckles for that natural look. Yes, this beauty trend is all about those sun-kissed cheeks no matter what the season. The good news is that this look can be achieved with makeup. Freckles had been popular back in the 1980s and decade later, has again become the “It” trend.

Hippy-like Styles

One of the biggest fashion trends for 2016 is the gypsy and hippy fashion. Chic, free and has the prairie-peasant vibe, designers are creating dresses full of bold prints, flared pants, suede material and incorporating the Boho vibe to create some movement and make statements rather than to add a tad of texture to the look.

Tropical Eyes of the 70s

With the elegant hippy and Boho look for the Spring/Summer 2016 comes the 70s-inspired eye makeup. For this season, colourful eye makeup is the in thing. Lloydy Simmonds for M-A-C Cosmetics applied a wash Hi-Def Cyan paint stick over the lashline up the crease and added a wash Prime Yellow to cover the brow bone to create the charteuse green hue. Eye lashes were intentionally left bare without mascara but were curled. You can either opt for that dark look for added drama or play around with lighter shades for that mesmerising tropical look. Meanwhile, spidery lashes to glittery neon eyes were also seen at the catwalks.

Bright Red Lips

Red lipstick has always given that classic look and for the Summer/Spring season, lipsticks will all be in bold and lively shades of orange, pink and definitely crimson. Prada, on the other hand, made quite a statement with golden lipstick.

French Nails

Polish pro Gina Edwards confidently said French manicure is happening this season. The ‘80s design is trendy thrown in with necessary punch of colour. Nails will look seductive yet tough with angular French tips in oxford or the classic white lines but with a twist. This time, the middle part is left with a space or a line to create a tiny break at the centre. Other colours that can be used are crocodile green, orange and silver.

The Spring/Summer 2016 season is indeed one of experimentation and surprises. If you want to look chic and get the look of this season, get in touch with us, here, at Return to Glory. Whether you need hair and makeup services for your wedding this summer or you simply love to keep up with the latest beauty trends, our team of professional makeup artists can deliver these services right at the convenience of your home.