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The Secret Santa Manicure - Return To Glory
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The Secret Santa Manicure

vogue nailsWent to my first soirette for the festive season last night wearing a Collette Dinnigan (fabulous Australian designer) dress and my favourite peep toe high heels. Sitting back in the cab on the way there, I glanced at my watch to check if I was still in the time zone of sociably acceptable lateness. Bother!!! With everything that’s been on over the last few weeks – launching new winter treatments (the hot stone massage is quickly gaining cult status around London), Christmas shopping and renovating the children’s room – I’d completely forgotten that my hands and nails were as rough as Jeremy Clarkson. Admittedly in the big scheme of things, this doesn’t sound catastrophic, but I was so looking forward to being head-to-toe Anna Wintour worthy for just a brief moment in time. Usually I apply make-up in the car rear vision mirror. Self applied nail polish is smudged within 3 minutes of application and my hair is suffering from severe attention deficit disorder. Christmas is the one time of the year when we can justifiably indulge a little; having lived through the last 12 successful/difficult/average/extraordinary (delete one) months. Even though I’m surrounded by some of London’s best manicurist (according to Trend Hunter), I still forgot to get my nails done! Fashion editors have been sidelined for less. Let this be a reminder to us all.

How fabulous would Christmas parties or festivities be, if we had pre-party manicures? Why has no-one thought of this before? Gathering together all girls in the office in the conference room (obviously the lounge would be much more comfy) straight after work (or during if you can convince the boss that in-office manicures are good for staff morale) for a festival nail-over. Matching Santa Red (more Anna Wintour approved than reindeer earrings) or maybe going little more individually adventurous. Beautiful festive nails are cathartic, team building as well as fashionably fabulous.

One of our clients went all James Bond last week; infiltrating the Secret Santa system and organising everyone (even men) to have Secret Santa Manicures. However, it was what happened next that was the real treat. Moments after opening the Secret Santa Manicures, the Return to Gloryettes arrived with their buffers and polish at the ready. After thirty men, women and CEO gathered to have their nails done, they all headed to the Christmas party. Now that’s what I call getting in the festive spirit.

Festive nails rock!

Natasha Dwyer, Founder
Return to Glory