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What if I'm Shy? - Return To Glory
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What if I’m Shy?


One of the most common questions I get asked from customers is – what are the best treatments for shy or body-conscious people?  Given that a great deal of women and men are unhappy with their body image for a lot of reasons and for the most part exacerbated by the media, I understand these genuine concerns.

We’ve done our research into this and have handpicked some ideal treatments for shy people to ease them into a feeling of trust and comfort.  And really – that is what it’s often about. Once someone has formed a bond of trust it can open them up to a more relaxed acceptance of having treatments.

If you’re particularly nervous about the therapist or undressing – there’s no need to worry.  Home therapists by their very nature & experience are confident and so put shy people worried about treatments at ease.

They’re also trained to be sensitive about every treatment we do.  We’re asked to work with many shy people and people who are having treatments to combat things they are not confident with.  Given the amount of experience our team has now got – they are also adept to every scenario – debilitating shyness, customers with disabilities or in wheelchairs and provide all the help, products and equipment needed.

The other point to note – treatments in home really do help people who are initially nervous. The territory is safe and the client is in control.  Knowing that you are forming a lasting relationship with a therapist who can come to you time and time again makes it worth the effort.

The three most commonly requested massage treatments for our initially shy or nervous customers are:

Thai/Shiatsu Massage

It is recommended you wear loose, comfortable garments such as a shirt and pants for Thai and Shiatsu massage techniques that involve stretching, holding and leaning the therapist’s body weight into various parts of your body to improve energy flow, blood circulation, flexibility and posture and leave you totally relaxed.  The session is conducted on the floor with a mat for comfort and without any massage oils.


Again, comfortable clothing is best for this massage that is carried out either on a reflexology chair or massage table supplied by the therapist.  Using little or no massage oil, the therapist applies pressure to either the feet, hands or both which in turn stimulates corresponding regions of the body including organs, to promote better health.

Chair Massage

Otherwise known as the ‘corporate chair massage’ as it is carried out at an on site venue such as workplace or storefront, this treatment concentrates on massage techniques to the neck, shoulders and scalp or a particular body region according to individual request.  It is done fully clothed, involves little or no massage oils and is of relative short duration.