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Summer Style - How Are You Fairing This Summer? - Return To Glory
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Summer Style – How Are You Fairing This Summer?

Summer is in full swing and it’s time for our annual low down on what’s been hot this summer in the world of hair, eyes and makeup. We’ll take a quick look at some of the hottest trends that we’re seeing at the beach, in the shops and in the clubs.

Let’s start with hair. The hottest hairstyle this summer is one that takes ombré one step further; we present you with colombré! Colombré is essentially the same hairstyle but with brighter, bolder hues which are perfect for the summer. With the roots being their natural colour, flashes of pastel or fluo tones are added to the bottom half of your hair making it a fun style that’s right for anyone.

Moving on to the eyes, this summer has seen a twist added to the typical smokey eye. The inky black eye make-up has been traded for tones of bronze, gold and copper. This warm metallic hue ofers a more relaxed look and adds a dazzling efect when paired with a tan.

From bottom lashes to strobing, and coloured eyeliner to matte lipstick, this summer’s hottest makeup trends are all about color and creating spectacular efects. Strobing, similar to contouring only foregoing the use of a dark powder to recede what you don’t want seen, uses a highlighting powder to actually show of your best features.

Another summer makeup trend is matte lipstick. I know what you are thinking and today’s matte lipstick is nothing like the heavy mattes of the past. These new mattes are lightweight and ofer vivid colour. A tip, keep your lips in good shape; matte lipstick tends to look bad on peeling lips.

Gone are the days of the dramatic false lash; there, we said it. Out with the old, in with the new as the focus toward bottom lashes became quite popular this season. Get that 60’s vibe with a thick coat of mascara on those bottom lashes and show of your Twiggy side this summer!

For these and more makeup tips and techniques from the pros, contact the RTG Makeup and Hair artists and let them create a new summer look for you that will have you turning heads everywhere you go!