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How to Look Good Effortlessly - Return To Glory
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How to Look Good Effortlessly

We gave Muriel from French Yummy Mummy a chance to try out our services. Read her thoughts below.

Whatever our nationality, we women usually have a much tougher deal than men. Seriously, why do we have so much pressure on our shoulders? And how are we supposed to do everything we have to do (kids, house, looking good, working, cooking…) without being overwhelmed? I simply don’t know. In fact, I must admit that I am exhausted most of the time.

FYM_Muriel_Opera_74 copy

Yes, I look this good all the time, I promise…

Take for instance the fact that we have to look good when we go out, and pretend that we did it effortlessly. What a nightmare! I might be French, but I am not good at preparing myself. I could sort of manage in my twenties because I didn’t need to do much, but now I just can’t. It’s just too much hassle. I don’t have the patience, and I happen to be a bit of a tomboy. If you bumped into me on the street, I would probably be wearing my black running gear or my torn jeans. Not very French, I know! That’s just me.



Me on a regular day

To cut a long story short, in order to get ready to go out for a formal event, I need an appointment at the hairdresser for a blow dry, and an appointment with a make-up artist. And I always freak out about the type of dress I am going to wear, and the shoes, etc..etc…The preparation costs a small fortune when I manage to get both appointments (which happened like, once, because getting an appointment in London is a bit like asking for a papal audience…).



Last week, I was invited to the opera and started panicking. How on earth would I get ready? That’s when I heard about Return To Glory. I booked everything online, and they sent the hugely talented Simone who did my hair and my make-up in the comfort of my own house. I didn’t have to lift a finger. What was not to like about it? It was cheaper than making two appointments, and I didn’t have to get out. In short, it’s a great business idea. And it made my life easier.








The only brief I gave Simone was that I needed to look French. Suffice to say, she did a fab job and for the first time I went out with my hair up. As pictures are worth a thousand words, I will let you be the judge of the results. How do you like it? As for me, I didn’t recognise myself. Did you?

Oh, and I had a great time at the opera. Don Giovanni is one of my favourite operas!

Photos by Nadia King.

This blog originally appeared on French Yummy Mummy