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In Hospital Beauty and Massage - Return To Glory
0845 337 4933 | Mon-Fri 9am-5pm | Sat-Sun online & app bookings only

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In Hospital Beauty and Massage

We’re seeing an interesting rise in being called out for in hospital beauty and massage treatments across London. As I speak we’re tending to four patients – one is a mum about to have her baby in hospital (reflexology during contractions – I’m not joking) and last week that all important top to toe last minute wax. Another is an old lady who is extremely precise about her gel nails and loves to have them filled in – every week – on the dot of 11 O’ clock.

Yes – being hospitalised can be daunting and can be depressing for many. But it can also be painfully boring – and anything that breaks the tedium has to be a good thing. Beauty treatments in hospital give an effective lift of spirit. And massage treatments in hospital deliver a heavenly calm. Also – everyone has understood how relatives and friends can feel so helpless. Gifting a treatment in hospital can be a way of simply showing that you care.

Whether it’s for a birth, operation or recovery stay, it’s often the really small things that make a big difference. See below for 4 of our most popular treatments that can be carried out either at the bedside (or where necessary – on the bed) and in privacy that lift the spirits and leave the patient feeling cared for and refreshed.

Manicure and Pedicure In Hospital – a ‘hero’ service that’s great for maintaining nails and feet that are often neglected when in hospital. You can expect a soothing/revitalising hand and foot massage that will improve your circulation, skin colour, texture and skin elasticity along with a ‘cut, buff and file’ of a luxury manicure, topped with a glossy nail colour using cult nail beauty brands.

Reflexology In Hospital – this is especially reported by our clients to alleviate body aches and pains, common symptoms of being restricted to a hospital bed even for a short period.  Massaging the feet which in turn stimulates corresponding regions of the body including organs, encourages a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation not achieved with any other therapy.

Facial Treatment In Hospital– our signature spa treatment that is bespoke and for all skin types and condition.  We use only award winning organic skincare from Neal’s Yard Remedies that won’t irritate and apply trusted techniques to clear congested skin and improve its appearance.

Swedish Massage in Hospital – this popular full body therapy follow five traditional Swedish massage techniques of gliding , kneading, friction, stretching and tapping working across the back to stimulate circulation then the arms, neck and shoulders.


Return to Glory therapists come to you – in home, office, hospital or on location. We proudly pamper over 6,000 regular clients in the London area at a time and place for your convenience.

Our qualified therapists provide all the equipment and products and are trained to be sensitive to your needs and mood.  A full consultation is carried out prior to any treatment to determine existing medications/pain threshold/incapacities etc that may affect any treatment.