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Ten Best Foods That Are Good for Your Skin - Return To Glory
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Ten Best Foods That Are Good for Your Skin

Want better skin? Does a cleaner complexion elude you no matter what you put ON your skin? Try putting something IN your skin in the way of what you are eating. Think about it, everything we eat goes into our bodies and the nutrients are distributed properly throughout our bodies. This includes our skin and what we eat has a definite effect on how our skin looks and how it feels.

Below is just a short list of the Ten Best Foods That Are Good for Your Skin. You should already have some of these in your home right now; why not use them tonight and wake up to better skin tomorrow?

  1. Get Glowing with Chocolate- Chocolate has ingredients in it that will make your skin glow and radiate beauty from within. Dark chocolate is best with a higher concentration of cacao.


  1. Prevent Wrinkles with Yogurt- Yogurt is a food that almost everyone loves. It comes in hundreds of different flavors, sizes and types and can help prevent wrinkles in your skin. To think, that quick breakfast is actually helping you look younger every day!


  1. Protect with Pomegranates- Protect your body’s immune system with pomegranates. This red fruit has plenty of antioxidants designed to help you stay healthier.


  1. Soften Skin with Walnuts- Want baby-soft skin without having to moisturize all day? Grab a handful of walnuts instead and munch your way to softer skin.


  1. Fight Crow’s-Feet with Peppers- Those spicy peppers that burn your tongue and leave you gasping for water, can also help prevent crow’s feet so spice up your next meal today.


  1. Brighten Up with Sunflower Seeds- for an overall brighter complexion and some of those good fats that help your cholestoral, choose a packet of sunflowers seeds the next time you reach for a snack.


  1. Zap Zits with Kidney Beans- Kidney beans have an ingredient that works hard to keep your skin clear, smooth and acne free. And they taste good in soups!


  1. Even Out Your Skin Tone with Soy- soy will help those of you with problematic skin tones and leave your skin more radiant and beautiful than ever. Give it a try today.


  1. Look Younger with Oatmeal- What’s the secret to younger, more youthful looking skin? Eating your oatmeal every morning! A bowl of oatmeal a day for 30 days will not only lower your cholesterol, it will also make you look much younger.


  1. Calm Redness with Green Tea- green tea’s natural anti-inflammatory principles work hard for your body to calm redness leaving your skin healthy, refreshed and redness free.

Couple all of these with a RTG Signature Facial for the perfect glowing complexion.