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A 70’s boho beauty vibe inspires this winters hot nail colour!! - Return To Glory
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A 70’s boho beauty vibe inspires this winters hot nail colour!!

Now we know it’s still technically summer (though this weather we’ve been having lately would have us thinking otherwise!)it’s never a bad thing to look to the coming season of winter and be ahead of the game style wise,  so today we talk to you about which fab nail colours you need to be rocking on your winter manicures!

As you know fashion, is what often inspires our beauty look and thanks to the ever revolving style door within the fashion world the 70’s boho vibe is making a come back, but with a sassy 2015 twist on it of course. Top high street brands such as Warehouse are getting ready to roll out their A/W Winter collection, which features so many beautiful pieces that it will have you running to your nearest store quicker than you can say “Do you have that in a size 10?”

And with this 70’s trend coming your way soon, it means your beauty look has got match that bohohemian feel and you just can’t loose with these gorgeous sultry winter hues for your nails:

Now usually it standard protocol to request the classic red or something in a raspberry tone when those winter months roll in, but it’s not about playing it safe, why not go for something a lot more richer and deeper, we’re talking plum reds, black cherry purples and for those who like to be brave with their nail colours you could even go for some rich forest green’s and deep sea navy blue’s! Take a peek at these nail colours and tell me your not ready to ditch those summer pastels?!